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Environmentally Friendly Polyurethane Technology

Environmentally friendly polyurethane elastomers are widely considered as one of the most versatile materials available for the manufacturing of modern day engineering products.

What they offer is a unique combination of hardness, resilience and durability, whilst still providing a variety of ways to help contribute to the global fight against climate change.

Polyurethane products can be seen in many of our day to day applications, for example, as an effective insulator, improving the energy efficiency of buildings by reducing the need for heating and cooling. This has the overall effect of lowering carbon emissions.

In the automotive industry, not only does it contribute to the comfort and safety of a vehicle, but it also enhances fuel efficiency, because it is lighter than alternative traditional materials.

Since the first development of polyurethanes way back in the 1930’s and 40’s, we have witnessed a steady improvement in both the quality and processing of polyurethane. Research continually pushes the boundaries in the strive for superior environmentally friendly polyurethane materials.

Recently, scientists have shown that by changing the starting prepolymers in the development process of polyurethane production, that we can now cultivate polyurethane fibers that have better stretching characteristics than were first thought possible all those years ago.

In addition to the polymer advancements themselves, Central Polymers are working hard to bring improvements to their own in house production process, resulting in faster, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly polyurethanes.

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Properties of polyurethane

  • Excellent resilience to oils, fuels and many other chemicals
  • Exceptional abrasion and erosion resilience and will out-perform even hardened steel
  • Excellent tensile strength makes polyurethane more resistant to tears and cuts than rubbers or silicone
  • Excellent load bearing properties in compression and tension
  • Very good versatility at low temperatures between -40°c to +80°c
  • Hard polyurethane has excellent machining capabilities which is more than comparable with all types of metals
  • Exceptional hardness flexibility which ranges from the softest rubber up to the hardest plastics & metal materials
  • Bespoke capabilities; If you specify a product and its application, there is probably a polyurethane application to suit

Commitment to technology

In January 2014 Central Polymers purchased a brand new state of the art Baul’e 3 Component Casting Machine. This investment in technology now gives Central Polymers cutting edge processing capabilities, providing higher quality, shorter lead times and far greater flexibility across our entire product range.

Products & services now include:

• Bespoke Polyurethane Manufacturing
• Polyurethane Scraper Blades
• Polyurethane Sheets
• Mouldings
• Polyurethane Sheet & Profiles
• Polyethylene Linings, Wear Plates & Chutes
• Polyurethane bonded to steel
• Polyurethane joints – any length (tested)
• Belt Cleaners

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