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Impact Bars and Bonded Polyurethane

Our speciality bonded polyurethane impact bars are widely used in all types of application, but are especially suited to the offshore industry. All our impact bars are manufactured to the highest possible standards, utilising only the highest quality material components, whilst also offering superior impact and wear resistance.

Used extensively as a integral part of a conveyor belt system, our impact bars provide increased shock absorption and low friction characteristics. This allows for a contact surface, such as a conveyor belt, to slide freely, resulting in less wear and tear and lower overall maintenance requirements.

Central Polymers also offers a high tech bonding process which bonds Polyurethane to steel and other various materials, producing an incredibly strong binding.

Other uses for this product include; rods, pads together with many more bespoke applications.

If you would really like to be impressed ask about our tractor trial testing which demonstrates the unbelievable strength of this product.

If you have any further questions or would like any advice on how our Bonded Polyurethane can benefit your business, please call us now and speak to one of our experts.

Tel: 01623 238 300


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