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Polyurethane rods and tubes for the automotive industry

Over the last twenty five years polyurethane usage has increased dramatically in the automotive industry, particularly with the use of polyurethane rods and tubes.

Polyurethane products should also be considered to replace such items as traditional rubber bushings which tend to fail or wear out when road surfaces are subject to large amounts of salt and chemical debris.

Using polyurethane bushings for example can have many benefits over more traditional materials, like maintaining the right alignment of a caster, thereby increasing the overall control and handling. Other benefits include, increased lifespan of a product, more resistance to wear out and greater protection from oil and other contaminants than more conventional materials.

Central Polymers produce a wide range of polyurethane rods and tubes in various sizes, colours and degrees of hardness, specifically for the automotive industry. These items are ideal for machining into various components.

Central Polymers also specialise in the production of D Scate.

Polyurethane tubes manufactured for the automotive industry
Polyurethane rods manufactured for the automotive industry
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Polyurethane for Automotive