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Polyurethane moulding with in-house precision tooling

From our modern state of the art factory unit in Nottinghamshire, we are able to design and supply almost any bespoke polyurethane moulding.

Utilising the latest CNC machining techniques and in-house precision tooling capabilities, our experienced personnel can incorporate many other bespoke items such as company logos, part numbers and numerous others on request.

Fully controlled polyurethane moulding manufacture.

Here at Central Polymers we have complete control of the manufacturing process from mould design through to final production. The variety of solutions we provide are extremely diverse and we welcome any enquiry from any organisation that is considering a specialist project.

For more information on Central Polymers manufacturing capabilities please contact us – 01623 238 300


Polyurethane moulding made to order
Polyurethane moulding made for specific order
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Polyurethane for Automotive