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Belt scrapers and custom polyurethane for the construction industry

Central Polymers have been supplying standard and custom made polyurethane products like belt scrapers and impact bars to the construction industry for many years.

With our expertise and experience to manufacture bespoke items, we are regularly asked to work with companies on new projects and prototypes within the construction industry. We have many case studies and testimonials that endorse our products and we would welcome the opportunity to provide a solution to your needs.

Due to the excellent abrasion, impact and tear resistance of Polyurethane, our belt scrapers, impact bars and bespoke items have proved time and again that they are the ultimate solution for the construction industry.

Central Polymers supply polyurethane products in a wide range of colours, sizes and varying degrees of hardness. We also typically provide customisation of our belt scrapers by adding holes, slots and cut outs to specific customer requirements.

Key benefits to a construction company include…

  • Higher productivity
  • Reduction in down times
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Improved product performance

A selection of common products we supply to the construction industry

  • Belt Scrapers
  • Machine Scrapers
  • Casting Moulds
  • Sheets and Strips
  • Impact Bars
  • Rollers and Wheels
  • Bonded Polyurethane to Steel
  • Flame Retardant Polyurethane

If you require any further information, please contact us… 01623 238300

Polyurethane rods manufactured for the automotive industry
Polyurethane rods manufactured for the automotive industry
Dual hardness impact bars for the construction industry